Friday, April 29, 2011


He just seriously pisses me off! I'm not complaining, I have Bradley for five nights out of the week. I get up with him, get him ready, him to school, as well as do those things for me plus Kailey.

He on the other hand has him for two freaking nights out of the week and pawns poor little Bradley off on his dad so he can go out to the movies! Like WTF! I seriously feel bad when I go out. Last time I went out I felt so bad and awkward I slept with all of the crap Bradley stuck in my bed... can of chicken noodle, a flashlight, teddy bear, I think a fork... just to remind me I'm a mom and my kids will still be there come tomorrow. So to know that this idiot sees him for 20 minutes daily to pick him up from school and drop him off and two nonconsecutive nights a week can't hang with that OOOOHHHHH it just makes me want to rip his head off!!!!

I'm so pissed it's not even funny! So mad!!!


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