Meet Me

My  name is Jessica. I have been single for about two months and I'm having a very difficult time with accepting. I was with my now ex for 5 years. I started this blog really to be able to vent, laugh, post memories, or anything else that I wanted. I feel it's a good idea to just let everything all out in one cute space. After seeing what the blogging world was really about though, I am finding myself wanting to do things like participate in a weight loss challange or craft brag fest! It seems like so much fun to be a blogger!

I currently work as an Assistant Manager at Justice. I swore I'd never go back to retail when Bradley was born and yet it's such a fun and inviting store, I had to apply!  I'm loving it! I also just got hired on at I will fill in the details as I figure it out, but if you want to apply use me as a reference, Jessica Bedoy! :) I do some selling of the Meet Mark. line. Really they have great incentives and I do it for that, well and the discount! I have been with Mark. since 2004!

My kids are my life... but you can read about them here