Thursday, April 28, 2011

Because it makes them happy

So I was given the advice of "throw all the shit away" when discussing that looking at all my old gifts make me cry. So I thought an unfortunate child may very well love my build a bears and one other. I stuffed them into a box to be taken out.

Bradley was the first to get into it. He pulled out a big Teddy I received for valentines day this year and says, "daddy took me store." thinking he was telling stories I responded oh yeah what did you buy? "this", he says and holds up the bear. I could not believe he remembered being taken to the store to buy it. He claimed it as his. I couldn't very well take it away from him after all, it was a memory of a time when daddy loved mommy.

Next here comes Kailey. Looking at the bears like a kid who's seen death and asks where they are going. Her face was just so sad since she knew they were on their way out the door. So.... I broke down and gave the three build a bears to her. She was so excited! So now my two children and their four bears are on the couch. Seeing the stuff from he who shall not be named really doesn't hurt as much because it made my kids happy.

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