Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Mother and her son..

I've never really understood why a mother would be as protective of her son like she is to her daughter. But I have found the answer!

Today, he found the tool box, he pulls out the tools, gets to an outlet, and says "Look Mama I'm fixing your house!" How cute is he!! But, I quickly respond, "Thanks little lovee but you're going to get hurt don't play with that!" So he stops and moves on... at this point I'm not paying attention while trying to apply for another job. "Look Mama, I brought you flowers!" What?!?!?!? AWE!!!! lol it was the tools in an Easter Egg shaped cup! At this point I've realized that my little boy is going to grow up one day and be an amazing husband and father. He's going to be the man that his dad could not live up to. For this reason alone I don't want my son with just anyone, she needs to be an amazing girl to have him. I have finally found the same protection guard for my Bradley that I have had for my Kailey Bugg for years.

My little Bradley and my beautiful flowers..:)


La-Dee-da crafter said...

Thanks for following my blog. I am glad you saw me on the Morning Blend. so fun!! I am following you back and thanks for entering my giveaway. Your idea is so cute and I hope to make it for you!!!

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