Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Mother's Day

So, today was difficult for me since it was my first Mother's Day alone. Really, I was just so sad I didn't do much of anything today. Kailey spent the night at her Nana's so she wasn't here this morning. Bradley's present I suppose (and it was a good one) was that he slept til about 7:00 which was nice to sleep in. We watched Toy Story and I fell asleep through it lol. We got ready to go, he went potty!! It was so funny because he told me he had to pee pee, and so I ran to take him. He asked me to turn on the faucet and I did. Sure enough there he went! I was so excited I squealed a little lol which made him stop peeing and I felt bad but he kept going after a second... he stayed dry from 11:00 to about 8:30.. so all day!!!! I'm so excited about it! I am a little concerned about the school's inconsistency though, so I will have to speak to them about it.

Anyway we left, we went to my Nana's and no one was home. They were somewhere and were going to take forever to get back so we went back home. Napped for about two hours. Then got ready and went to dinner. I mean it was a pretty laid back day which was great seeing as I was feeling so lousy.

I fought with he who shall not be named a little. I needed him to watch Bradley on Saturday and he told me he had to work. Next thing I know he's telling me he was off and decided to take his step niece to the museum, which really pissed me off because I needed him to watch Bradley and he made an excuse so he didn't have to. He told me I was just jealous that he was doing things with her and not Kailey and was just being stupid. Not once did he call to tell me happy mother's day, even before we stated fighting at about six. He just... agh! He's just an idiot! I don't know why I care about him so much when he is such an ass! This is how I feel:


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